Our comprehensive glossary explains many of the terms commonly used in the international markets.


The Group of Thirty, a private group of prominent financial industry participants which in 1989 proposed nine standards for improving the world securities industry's efficiency and reducing settlement risks.


An approximation of the change in the delta of an Option relative to a change in the price of the underlying stock when all other factors are held constant. Gamma is accurate for small changes in the price of the underlying stock, but is expressed in terms of a change in delta for a one-point move in the stock. For example, if a call has a delta of .49 and a gamma of .03, if the stock moves down one point, the call delta would be .46 (.49 + (.03 x -USD 1.00)). Generated by a mathematical model, Delta depends on the stock price, strike price, volatility, interest rates, dividends, and time to expiration.


Gaps form when opening price movements create a blank spot on the chart. This occurs when the high of the day is below the low of the previous day or when the low of the day is above the high of the previous day. Gaps are especially significant when accompanied by an increase in volume.

General Offer

An offer made to all shareholders of a company for the purchase of their shares. The purchase price could be in cash or in shares of a predator company or a combination of both.

Gilt edged stocks 'Gilts'

Stocks issued by governments and government-sponsored bodies. They pay a fixed rate of interest.

Going public

Taking steps necessary to get a listing on the Stock exchange.

Good delivery

A type of limit order that is active until it is filled or canceled. As opposed to a day order, a GTC order can remain active for an indefinite number of trading sessions, some exchanges limit the amount of time a GTC order can remain active.

Good till Date (GTD)

An order that is good until a date specified by the trader. If the order is not executed by the date the trader specifies, the order will be cancelled.

Governmental/municipal stock

Stock paying a fixed rate of interest issued by a government or municipality. Also known as 'gilts', or gilt-edged stock.

Green Chip

Environmentally friendly companies


The holding company of a number of subsidiaries. Such companies produce Group Consolidated Accounts once per annum showing the consolidated position and performance of all the subsidiaries.

Growth stocks

Shares which are expected to pay increased dividends over the years as a result of rising profits and an increase in market price.

Guarantee Fund

A fund maintained by an exchange to recompense investors when a member firm fails to meet its obligations.